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Friday, March 1, 2013

Listen to your heart (Movie)

  • Title:  Listen to your heart (Movie)
  • Independent film
  • Publication Date: (2010)
  • Genre: Drama
Netflix recommend this title to me based on my last movies.
The main character’s name is Danny, like me.

Basics of the movie:

Danny, a struggling musician falls in love with a woman who is deaf. Her overbearing mother becomes an obstacle in their relationship.

 Issues in this movie range from:
Dealing with struggles, overcoming obstacles, having hopes and dreams, developing strong meaningful relationships, freewill, passion, unconditional love and concern, and doing good in the world.

 Here are two inspirational quotes that I enjoyed in the movie:

·         Danny said something like, my mother never complained about cancer. She was grateful each day.

People at work often complain about little thing, when people who’ve experienced major things (like cancer) are choosing to be grateful.
  • You can do whatever you want to do.

Some tips I got from this drama for my personal life:

  • Be real and genuine
  • Life is too short to live for others
  • Set goals and go for what you want.
Here is the link for this movie:

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