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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Presidents of the United States.

Title: The Presidents of the United States

By: Ben Templesmith

Year: 2009

IDW Publishing (paperback)


I discovered this book at Ollie’s Outlet in my hometown, Beckley, West Virginia for only $2.99.

I was planning on doing activities for President’s Day at the time. Finding this book was happenstance.

The book covers all of the U.S. Presidents from Washington to Obama. The images in the book are artistic. IDW often publishes comics and graphic novels.

There are interesting facts about each President.

Here is the book:

Here are some of the activities that I did for President’s Day:
  • Cherry candy to remind children that Washington could not lie and he admitted that he cut down the cherry tree.
  • Peanuts to remind children that Jimmy Carter was a peanut farmer
  • Jelly beans to remind children that Ronald Regan loved this candy.
  • We also had coloring sheets and word search puzzles from the internet.
  • I picked up a set of flashcards with the Presidents information.
  • We had some President’s Day posters, too.
  • We didn’t do dress up, or class election, but we could have done these things.
  • I later read in the newspaper that JFK loved to have sundaes, FDR loved doughnuts, and Lincoln liked gingerbread.
Note: Sometimes I get confused on politics. It is my understanding that the Republicans are against big government and big spending and that the Democrats believe that many government programs are needed for the country. Here two some interesting facts I learned from the book that are different on government:
  • Republican President Richard Nixon (37th President) held a high level of control over the government. He started many big government agencies, including Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
  • Democrat President Jimmy Carter (39th President) cut White House staff by 1/3. He cut government spending by ordering his cabinet members to drive their own cards. These sound like the ideas of a smaller government that spends less money.

People who’d like to read this book could include: teachers, children, people who love trivia about the U.S. Presidents and American history.

Here are some other books to consider if you like Presidents:


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