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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A doctor’s prescription for unleashing your vast potential
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Bob Proctor, Star of The Secret and Bestselling author of You Were Born Rich, said, Dr. Hisham Abdalla's 4D Leadership is “A fascinating book. He is a guiding light for others . . . and will open the door to your successful life.”
Dr.Hisham Abdalla's book will help you to have a radically new perception about what you can and WILL accomplish in the precious years allotted to you. No more settling for mediocre!

4D Leadership is all about restoring you to your rightful role as the writer, director and lead actor in the heroic life you were meant to live.

It’s about bringing excellence to even the smallest things you do, adopting a new and higher standard for yourself . . . and watching as others follow your lead, even if you’ve never thought of yourself as a leader before!

The impact you’ll have on others is part of a larger goal: what Dr. Hisham calls “the Big Why”: the creation of a global community of fully realized souls who serve others by reaching their full potential.

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You’ll learn about the four “D’s” of 4D Leadership:
Desire and
Do . . . with Determination!

Dr. Hisham will step you through exactly how to follow this “prescription” to manifest the heroic life you SHOULD be leading!

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