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Sunday, June 2, 2013

December Boys Movie Review

I rented December Boys from Netflix. It was suggested to me based on movies I've watched/ rented in the past from Netflix, so I watched it.

This film is based on a novel. It is about four boys who are orphans in Australia. They are all born in the month of December. They’re best friends. They’re like brothers. They live in a Catholic orphanage

The four boys get to go on a holiday trip to the Pacific Coast. The oldest boy (played by Daniel R.) falls in love with a girl his own age. The youngest boy overhears that a family there might adopt one of the four boys.

I always go a little deeper into finding meaning and purpose of a movie and applying it to my own life. Some tips I got from the movie: Change is eminent. People come and go in life. There was a lot of death and moving on in the movie (even a giant fish, Henry dies, and the fisherman is saddened by the loss of this fish). What I get is to: really take time to enjoy the present moment with the people who you do have.

Here is a video preview for the movie:

Here is a link for the DVD and the book:

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