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Friday, May 24, 2013

Fun picture books for kids, big kids, and big kids like you.

I ordered series # 1 of Home Grown Books for the earliest reader a while back on kickstarter. I pledged because I blog on books, I enjoy children’s books, I’m an author, and I like art and creativity.

Home Grown Books are created by a team of people including: Kyla Ryman, an early education specialist, Sara Rognes, a curator and co-founded of homeschool collective in Brooklyn. The books are illustrated by Cecile Dyer.

Here is a brief overview of the nine books in series # 1:

·         One Sock Puppet: Includes step-by-step process for making a sock-puppet. Creative kiddos could create their own sock-puppet based on this book.

·         Animals: Various animals are covered. An activity that could coincide with this is taking kids to a zoo to see animals or to a park and notice animals that they see.

·         A Day Out: Is about a kids going out and having a fun-filled day. It includes different physical/ outdoor activities and the use of imagination. Activity that could go alone with it could be “going out and doing some activities!”

·         Planet: This shows the planet Earth from far away. Each picture gets smaller and smaller. I think this is my favorite book. It reminds me of a film I’ve seen. I’ll post it in my next entry if I can find it.

·         Dress-up: This book shows cats wearing different items: hats, glasses, scarfs, etc.

·         Bake-It: It shows the steps for baking (what I think are star-shaped sugar cookies).There is a recipe for making Almond Shortbread in the back.

·         Band: It shows different animals playing different instruments.

·         Garden: An interesting collection of fruit and vegetables are covered. The inside of the cover shows illustrations of different leaves.  Activity ideas for teachers and parents could include: planting something with a child, like berries, pumpkins, or something that grows unique in your area.

·         Instruments: Eight pictures of musical instruments are covered. There are questions on the back of the book to ask the reader if she (or he) have heard the sounds of the musical instruments. Grown-ups could introduce these instruments to children, too! Great for a music teacher!

I also like that the box claims these books are printed on recycled paper!


Here is their link:

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