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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Witness to Fitness.

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The renowned and highly respected expert behind the bestselling Body Gospel fitness DVDs, Donna Richardson Joyner’s comprehensive program will inspire you live a more productive, powerful and purposeful life. Her selfless and relentless desire will energize you to new levels of mental, spiritual and physical vitality.
She is equally passionate in her heartfelt belief that losing weight and taking care of your body means giving glory to God. When you read Witness to Fitness you’ll be moved and inspired to take action and follow her on an awesome 28-day journey to help you lose weight while you nourish both your body and soul.
With unbridled energy and enthusiasm you’ll have victory in your health by practicing faith, perseverance, and courage to achieve your goals. Every day, Donna will walk you through the steps to take action that includes:
       Life-affirming scriptural quotes
       Moving and motivational personal testimonials
       Delicious healthy meal recipes
       Detailed, four-color photographs that demonstrate various workouts
       Inspirational song suggestions intended to keep you in the beat and moving!

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